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My Approach

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

The relationship between counsellor and client is paramount. I work to provide an environment that is warm, trusting, compassionate, open and nonjudgemental. I believe that all of us have the ability and strength to face life challenges and to work to find ways to successful transition to a healthier way of being. Through counselling, clients can gain insight and information that will allow for transformation to take place. 

I am committed to bring all of my experience, learning and focus to our sessions. Counselling is a cooperative effort and I am there to assist you in achieving your goals. I use an integrated approach to helping clients reach their goals, drawing on strategies and influences from a variety of counselling modalities or theories including:

  • Person Centred

  • Family Systems 

  • Attachment Theory

  • CBT

  • Psychodynamic

  • Mindfulness

  • Somatic

  • Humanistic

  • Relational

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